Hemp Testing to Help Grow Your Business

Hemp growers and processors know they need to test their products to make sure the level of THC is less than .3%. But beyond the 10 cannabinoids that we measure to determine potency, many don’t appreciate the role of other important tests. Atlantic Test Labs can also measure 29 different terpenes, which contribute significantly to the smell, flavor and effects of the hemp and CBD products. 

Other tests will make sure your flower or concentrate is safe from heavy metals, mold or other dangerous microorganisms. There are many ways contaminants can be introduced, from moisture that allows microbes to grow, to tainted soil, to lax handling and processing procedures.  

With the explosion of suppliers and competing products it is important to have complete confidence in your ingredients and your end product. And to be able to communicate that to your clients. While hemp testing is not yet required by the government, you can’t afford to take chances when a mistake could ruin your business or worse, endanger consumers.

Our lab technicians are also here to help you interpret test results. We can help you craft a product with specific characteristics you seek or make recommendations to prevent contamination or resolve issues revealed by the lab tests. 

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Our online test ordering is open for business 24/7, but our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday (Nov. 28 & 29) so our team can enjoy the holiday with their families. Happy Thanksgiving from ATL!