An Introduction to Cannabis and Hemp Potency Testing

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No matter where you are in the supply chain, cannabis, and hemp potency testing is legally required. But additional tests that can provide valuable insights for product development are often overlooked. For example, terpenes and moisture tests are integral to product development. The Atlantic Test Labs team can help interpret test results and work with client partners to make adjustments that will hone the final cannabis or hemp products’ smell, taste, and effects.

Potency testing determines exactly which of the 16 cannabinoids are present and the overall level of THC in the sample.

Product Development Tests:

Terpenes interact with the cannabinoids, impacting taste, smell, texture as well as the effects of cannabis or hemp, so measuring the levels for 29 different terpenes is a critical part of product development. There are also known allergies to several terpenes; another important reason to have this analysis available.

Moisture testing is always conducted with potency because the moisture
content of the flower will directly affect weight and as a result, potency. Greater moisture content will decrease, or essentially dilute potency, while drying the product will increase its THC concentration. Obviously, moisture testing is irrelevant for liquid or “concentrate” product.

In addition to potency and product development tests, the market landscape is changing and demanding more safety tests. From growers and processors, to retailers and consumers, it’s critical to explore safety testing.

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