QR Codes Help You Stand Out from the Competition

You invest in lab tests for your hemp ingredients because you are committed to delivering high quality, consistent CBD products. While testing of CBD products may not be required, producers who take this extra step can gain an edge in this highly competitive market that includes some questionable suppliers. It makes sense to share your test results – giving buyers confidence that your product is exactly as promised.

Atlantic Test Labs can provide a QR code with each test sample. When you order a lab test online, you have the option to obtain a QR code for $20. The code simply links to a web page that holds your Certificate of Analysis. You can add the code to packaging, a brochure or flyer, or a web page. Most phone cameras instantly recognize QR codes these days, so customers scan the code and are immediately taken to your test results. Since the tests do not reside on your website but are served up by your reputable lab partner (Atlantic Test Labs), your products have extra credibility.

In short, if you’re confident in the validity of your products, start using QR codes to shout it to the world! Differentiating yourself from competitors will make a difference to your retailers and ultimately consumers.

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