Oct. 15 Webinar – Understanding Microbial Testing Today

Amanda Horodyski
Amanda Horodyski

Amanda Horodyski, Atlantic Test Lab’s Microbiology Lab Manager will conduct a Free Webinar October 15 at Noon EDT. Hosted by Analytical Cannabis, the webinar is called “Microbial Contaminants: A Comparison of New and old Methods.” Amanda will discuss the importance of microbial testing (specifically TYMC, TAMC, E. coli, Salmonella and mycotoxins), the methods available for microbial and mycotoxin testing, and the costs and benefits of traditional methods in comparison to new products.

It’s a confusing time with a lack of standardized methods and new products in development promising faster turnaround times by eliminating the incubation requirement. Amanda will discuss and differentiate the different methods available for micro safety testing and mycotoxins, including traditional culture methods, RT-qPCR methods, immunoaffinity column chromatography, LC-MS/MS and ELISA will also be discussed.

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