ATL Supports WBAL TV’s CBD Investigation

Scott Robertson on WBALTV imageCBD products are legal, but they are also unregulated, which means consumers often don’t really know what they are getting when they buy oils, gummies or any other CBD product. Baltimore’s WBAL TV recently performed an investigation and called on Atlantic Test Labs to lend its expertise. The station provided eight oils and eight gummy products for testing, with the brand names hidden. Scott Robertson, laboratory director and Amanda Horodyski, associate laboratory director at ATL led the testing process and helped explain the results on camera.

Atlantic Test Labs performed the normal full panel of tests they regularly conduct for many hemp manufacturers who do take this step to make sure their products are safe and properly formulated. They tested for THC, the psychoactive component which should only be present below .3% for CBD products; for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides or mold; and for the presence of CBD, the active ingredient advertised.

The good news is that none of the products had any harmful elements, and the THC levels were all below the legal requirement. However, three of the products had much less CBD than advertised, while one actually contained no CBD whatsoever. The bottom line for consumers is to look for products that have been tested — some store owners, like Nicholas Patrick of Embrace CBD Wellness Center, who is interviewed in this story, only carry products for which he can verify the test results. He even makes them available for customers to review. Forward thinking CBD manufacturers want to make it clear they have taken the steps to ensure their products are safe and formulated properly — so they will say right on the package that it has been tested and often provide a link so you can find the test results and see for yourself.

Atlantic Test Labs helps its CBD / hemp clients do exactly this — they make it easy for product manufacturers to share the test results ATL gives them with their retailer and end-users, even providing a seal that shows it has been tested by Atlantic Test Labs.

Watch the full WBAL-TV story — it includes a reveal of the one gummy sample that did not even contain CBD — and the manufacturer’s response!


Amanda Horodyski, ATL's Associate Laboratory Director testing CBD products for WBAL.

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